Racer Information

Skatercross℠ Skateboard Racing Format

Skatercross(sm) Skateboard Racing will consist head-to-head as well as 3 athlete per-bracket draw format. All Racers will be chipped to compute race times throughout event. Results based on first to cross finish line. No judges. 

This bracket style format will be a double elimination format thus guaranteeing each racer has to be defeated twice to be eliminated from draw. 

10-15 pre-seeded athletes will be joined by up to 10 open qualifier athletes. (determined via time trials to be held the day before) 

All athletes racing will be randomly drawn at pre-event draw party. Race officials will randomly draw lane selections for each race (red/gold/green). 

The race will consist of first rounds, narrowed down to a 9-athlete Super Bracket culminating in one final 3-athlete race (podium event). 

In the event that all racers crash or are inadvertently stopped from completing the race that race will be run again. If any racer is deemed by track officials to have purposely affected race outcome by interference or lane departure they will be disqualified and the remaining racers will re-race to determine advancement. In the event a racer falls and no foul is called, he may continue riding and finish the race. 

Prize Purse will breakdown: podium 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then 4th down will be awarded by riders times. 

A “Pole Position” award will be granted to fastest lap of the day. 

MovieTickets.com “Straight Up” High Jump—single rider to clear the highest bar without knocking it off wins

All racers will receive event VIP access, onsite medical/trainers and food/beverage and one event gift bag upon returning their timing chip.